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Burial Monuments, Markers, & Statues

Memorialize your passed loved one with a monument worthy of their legacy from Connellsville Memorials in Connellsville, Pennsylvania. We custom make burial monuments, markers, and statues with granite, marble, and bronze.


Our burial monuments are two-piece memorials that include one or two straight, upright tablets that sit on a matching granite base. We also offer cremation monuments that store remains or urns.


Our markers can be installed either with or without a matching granite base. Please note that some cemeteries do require a certain type or size of marker. We can make single and double slant markers, which are similar to upright memorials, except they slope at a steep angle and don't require the granite base.

We also offer grass markers, which is a flat stone that's installed flush to the ground. Similar to grass markers are our hickory/bevel markers, which are slightly elevated and sloped from back to front. You can also choose a bronze marker, which is flat and comes with or without a vase. Finally, we create infant and child markers in grass, monument, and slant styles.

Statues, Plaques, Corner Stones, & Benches

We offer a wide variety of statues that can be customized to your exact requirements. We work with all religions and faiths. Pair your statue with a customized suitable plaque to perfectly commemorate the individual.

In addition, we offer corner stones (also known as corner posts) in granite and marble. We can also create benches of various sizes, colors, and styles.
Contact us in Connellsville, Pennsylvania, to discuss your ideas for a burial monument.
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