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Personalized Ceramic Portraits, Etched Designs, & Custom Lettering

Customize your memorial with a number of options from Connellsville Memorials in Connellsville, Pennsylvania. We can personalize your monument with ceramic portraits, etched designs, custom lettering, and more.


For a more intimate memorial, we can attach a ceramic portrait (porcelain portraits on copper base) to it. The portrait can appear with an oval, rectangle, heart, or round shape.

Etching & Custom Lettering

Leave behind a personal message with our beautiful, detailed etched designs. We can also attach custom lettering in any style you desire at no extra charge. Make your message as long as you like--as long as it fits on the stone, there are no limits.

We do both artist and laser etchings which are lifelike designs never imagined with traditional sandblasting. Both portraits and scenic designs are available. We can work from your photographs if you desire. They are highly customized and were not possible in the past with sandblasting. Call us for additional information.

Vigil Lights

All our vigil lights come standard with a red globe, with additional colors available if you desire. Each light comes with a candle, as well. In addition to vigil lights, we can install a vase on the granite base of your memorial.

Memorial Upkeep

Ensure your memorial stays in mint condition with our help. We'll sandblast monuments and use cleaning supplies designed specifically for the monument industry to maintain your statue, marker, or other memorial. We also reset and repair damaged headstones.

Pre-Need Planning

Once you've decided on your exact memorial design, style, and type, prepay now to lock in current prices and ensure your order is exactly as you wish. We'll walk you through every step of the process. Payment plans are available.
Contact us in Connellsville, Pennsylvania, to begin personalizing a monument, statue, or marker.
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